Legal Docs

Find all of the legal documents submitted to the CPUC  for Proceeding  A0704013.  

June 21, 2012.  Notice of ex parte communication filed with the CPUC by The Greenlining Institute discussing the significant and unavoidable envionmental risks of the proposed natural gas storage facility in South Sacramento.

June 2010. Final Environmental Impact Report, Sacramento Natural Gas Storage Project.  This is a large file consisting of 703 pages so be patient when downloading.

April 03, 2009.  City of Sacramento. Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Natural Gas Underground Storage Project prepared by city staff.

September 28, 2008.  Governor vetos Senate Bill 1700 authored by Senator Steinberg in response to Glen Elder community concerns for SNGS project. Read the veto.

August 21, 2008. Senate Bill 1700 passed by legislature.

August 08, 2008. Senate Bill 1700 sponsored by Senator Steinberg. Senate Rules Committee analysis on SB 1700, which provided that a natural gas storage facility located in an urban area under residential properties is strictly liable for any damages to persons or property resulting from the operation of the facility.

Overview of Fields.  This map shows 3 of the half dozen or more potential gas storage sites in the Sacramento area:  Florin Gas Field, Thornton Gas Field, and Sacramento Airport Gas Field.