Sacramento Natural Gas Storage

Sacramento Natural Gas Storage (SNGS) is a private energy company based in Sacramento, CA.  In 2007, they proposed to build a natural gas storage facility in the Florin Gas Field in South Sacramento.   Their facility would store eight billion cubic feet of potentially hazardous natural gas beneath a densely populated urban area known as Avondale/Glen Elder.  SNGS assures that their project is safe and that the facility, among other things, would bring jobs, tax benefits, and energy security to the Sacramento area.  Nonetheless, they have met significant community resistance of the project from citizens concerned with the potential negative health, environmental, and economic effects the facility may bring to Sacramento.  SNGS has been pursuing the right to build the facility via a Certificate of Public Convenience which can be granted only by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).  On July 12, 2012, in a 3 to 2 vote, the CPUC denied SNGS the Certificate of Public Convenience.  At this stage, SNGS has 30 days as of July 12th to appeal to the CPUC or abandon the project.

The SNGS website can be found here.

Donald Russell, President, SNGS