This website was created by sociologist Jesus Hernandez, PhD and producer Ryan “Boz” Johnson of Lee Shore Media to capture the five-year struggle of Avondale/Glen Elder residents working to prevent the storage of eight billion cubic feet of natural gas underneath their neighborhood.  Although much attention has been focused on the legal battle to prevent the approval of the SNGS application submitted to the CPUC, we realize the true story here is about a community that continually seeks to improve the quality of life for its residents despite long-standing patterns of segregation and economic disinvestment.

Phase one of this project captured the legal battle regarding the SNGS storage proposal.  Phase two of this project now in progress seeks to document a rich history of community organizing and political engagement that made the defeat of the SNGS proposed storage project possible.  Follow the story of Avondale-Glen Elder as we continue to update the Walking On Gas website, Facebook, and Youtube Channel.

Inquiries about research can be sent to walkingongas@gmail.com.   For media inquiries contact Boz at ryanbozjohnson@gmail.com or visit the website www.leeshoremedia.com.